Teachings of Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Ma Jaya teaches the wisdom of all spiritual paths. Her unique voice is available through these live recordings, selected by her students. For more information, please visit www.kashi.org
No Time, No Space, Just Grace

This recording is an excerpt from a guided meditation beginning at the heart center and moving upward through the chakras toward the universal formless, empty place of oneness high over the head. This is the mystical process of transforming the breath from oxygen into the nectar of prana or vital life force.

(11.5 minutes)

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A Tale Told by the Fire

Kashi Ashram's annual celebration of Durga Puja includes the honoring of Saraswati, goddess of the arts, creativity and learning, and consort of Brahma. In this excerpt, Ma Jaya tells a story of the sacred flame and explains how the soul has no gender.

(10.5 minutes)

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Miracles at Your Doorstep

During a live outdoor darshan and puja at Kashi Ashram, Ma Jaya shares her experience of Mother Saraswati, goddess of the arts and learning. Ma describes learning to stay open and follow the heart's voice into the song of life, death, and a space free of loneliness, filled with the miracle of one's own creativity.

(6.5 minutes)

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A Deeper Form of Happiness

During a live darshan at Kashi Ashram, Ma Jaya shares teachings about the blissful true nature of joy to be found in stopping the mind's thoughts and living fully in the moment.

(5 minutes)

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A Fire That Does Not Burn

In a live darshan at Kashi Ashram, Ma Jaya guides a meditation through the chakras toward the universal formless center common to all spiritual traditions, using the image of a "fierce fire that does not burn."

(8 minutes)

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More Tools for Transformation

Ma Jaya continues to share teachings with a live audience in Miami, explaining how to use gratitude, service, and humor as tools for transformation.

(6 minutes)

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The First Tool for Transformation

Ma Jaya teaches about tools for spiritual transformation and speaks of the breath as a powerful tool for healing as she guides a meditation for an audience at Unity by the Bay in Miami. This podcast is an excerpt from a live May 2009 recording.

(6 minutes)

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Hanuman Jayanti -  [VIDEO]

Ma Jaya tells the story of Hanuman, the Hindu god of service, and explains the importance of service on the spiritual path. The video was made at a celebration of Hanuman Jayanti, or Hanuman's birthday.

(7 minutes)

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Step Outside of Time

Step outside of time and into the Now. Ma Jaya shares the essence of living fully in the moment and becoming free of the distractions that pull us away from that simplicity. An excerpt from a live question and answer darshan, Ma explains the process of overcoming karma, depression, and suffering.

(10 minutes)

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Lessons of Service

Ma Jaya reads a question from a student: "How do you accept the unacceptable?"  She answers with four stories from her own experience, as she learned difficult lessons of service. She concludes, "You don't accept the unacceptable, you accept your ability to do something about it.

(8 minutes)

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The Easy Path of Acceptance

The soul is pure spirit, without gender.  Introducing an intensive weekend for men -- both gay and straight-- Ma Jaya asks them to transcend all self-judgment and identify with their souls.  For both men and women, this podcast is an outstanding example of Ma's teaching.  At the end of this recording, as Ma leads her students into meditation, you may find that she has opened a new door into your own experience of spirit.

(8 minutes)

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Relieving Stress

Stress kills, and yet it is always with us. Ma Jaya offers a way to reduce our accumulated stress by coming more fully into the moment.

(3 minutes)

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The Spiritual Path - [VIDEO]

In this video, recorded during darshan at Kashi Ashram, Ma Jaya speaks about the spiritual path, including raising kundalini, dealing with fear, and the goal of self-discovery.

(2 minutes)

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Mother Kali Devours Thought

It is thought, the ego thought, that steals time out of your life. Ma Jaya speaks of thought and depression, and then introduces us to the Hindu goddess Kali, who can devour all negativity.

(3 minutes)

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Darshan: The Wounded Heart - [VIDEO]

Welcome to our first video podcast. In a live darshan at Kashi Ashram, Ma speaks of the wounded heart.

(1 minute)

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