Teachings of Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Ma Jaya teaches the wisdom of all spiritual paths. Her unique voice is available through these live recordings, selected by her students. For more information, please visit www.kashi.org
You Are Now

How dare you think you are just a thought? With this question, Ma Jaya shows how us to develop awareness of our passing thoughts, how to stop them for a moment, and how to feel who we truly are.

(6 minutes)

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Thought and Karma

In an informal session with her students, Ma Jaya reads and responds to a question on the relationship between thoughts and karma.

(6 minutes)

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The Breath

Ma Jaya often begins guided meditations with instructions for becoming more aware of the breath. This short podcast begins with her instruction “close your eyes.” We suggest you use it as a tool to begin your own meditation.

(2 minutes)

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The Death of the Ego

This podcast is a selection from an intensive called “Stepping into the Death of the Ego,” in which Ma Jaya asks us to burn our limiting ego in the fire of awareness.

(7 minutes)

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The Inner Yoga

Speaking to Kali Natha Yoga students and teachers, Ma explains that yoga creates more space in the body, especially the heart center. Into this space comes sound, in the form of mantra or chanting, bringing even greater opening. Ma also demonstrates the Breath of Intention, a combination of chanting and breath which can bring us closer to our spiritual Beloved. This podcast offers insight for the practitioners of any yoga, or the devotees of any path.

(9 Minutes)

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The Mother's Gift

Ma gives us a very simple formula for receiving the blessings of the universe -- whether material or spiritual.

(4 minutes)

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The Feminine Warrior

Ma Jaya answers women's questions about power and anger, the true meaning of shakti, and how to respond to sexist language in the scriptures of every religion. The questions were not recorded, but they are clear from the context.

(6 minutes)

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A Moment of Freedom

A moment of freedom is a moment without thought or ego. Ma points out the many ways our thoughts can bind us, and invites us to taste freedom in meditation.

(9 minutes)

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Love, Fear, Power

Ma recently answered several questions around the themes of love, fear, and shakti (feminine power). This podcast contains two of those questions and Ma's replies.

(6 minutes)

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Ma emphasizes compassionate hands-on service, both as an essential part of the spiritual path and as a way to help a suffering world. The picture on the right is Hanuman, a Hindu deity who exemplifies the spirit of service.

(2 minutes)

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