Teachings of Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Ma Jaya teaches the wisdom of all spiritual paths. Her unique voice is available through these live recordings, selected by her students. For more information, please visit www.kashi.org
A Deeper Form of Happiness

During a live darshan at Kashi Ashram, Ma Jaya shares teachings about the blissful true nature of joy to be found in stopping the mind's thoughts and living fully in the moment.

(5 minutes)

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A Fire That Does Not Burn

In a live darshan at Kashi Ashram, Ma Jaya guides a meditation through the chakras toward the universal formless center common to all spiritual traditions, using the image of a "fierce fire that does not burn."

(8 minutes)

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More Tools for Transformation

Ma Jaya continues to share teachings with a live audience in Miami, explaining how to use gratitude, service, and humor as tools for transformation.

(6 minutes)

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The First Tool for Transformation

Ma Jaya teaches about tools for spiritual transformation and speaks of the breath as a powerful tool for healing as she guides a meditation for an audience at Unity by the Bay in Miami. This podcast is an excerpt from a live May 2009 recording.

(6 minutes)

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